Week Three - May 2009 - Thomas S. Gillum

Praise Brings Peace

Luke 18:1

Thomas S. Gillum-Missouri

Scripture teaches that prayer is an ongoing part of one’s Christian experience. “Men aught to always pray” Luke 18:1. A simple definition of prayer is “an earnest request for something, a beseeching, imploring, pleading, adoration, worship”.

There are four common aspects to prayer:

  1. The prayer of petition
  2. The prayer of intercession
  3. The prayer of meditation
  4. The prayer of praise

For today’s discussion let us focus on the prayer of praise. In many believers lives the prayer of praise is almost nonexistent. Yet, it is the quickest means of entering into God’s presence for Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praise of His people.

In 1994 the congregation in which I served as Pastor gave a vacation to our family to go out west. We visited many of the sites in California, Nevada and Arizona. While in Arizona we decided to go visit some land that my father-in-law had bought during the 1970’s but had never seen.

I got the map out and noticed that this piece of land was about 90 miles away. Or, we could take a more direct, less traveled road and cut off about 20 miles from the trip. My wife, Cathy, warned me several times that I should take the more traveled route. I assured her that we would be alright. What I did not know was that 58 miles of my route would be open range land consisting of no civilization and dirt roads. I was also unaware of how quickly you could have a flash flood in that part of the country. After traveling for about 40 miles, out of nowhere a rain like I had never experienced developed. The roads became almost impassible. I had most of my life driven on ice, snow, and mud but never anything like the mud of Arizona. I should have listened to Cathy.

Cathy began to have thoughts of our three children and how we would be stranded and never found. She prayed with great earnest only to feel the fear get stronger. I looked at her and saw red blotches on her face and neck. I too had become quite concerned.

Cathy later told me that the more she prayed, the more fear griped her. Finally, she began to praise God for his protection, safety, and deliverance. Almost immediately she felt the fear replaced with peace. There was an overwhelming assurance that we would be alright. Needless to say, everything turned out fine.

The lesson learned is that there are times in our lives when adoration ushers in the peaceful loving presence of Christ that dispels fear, discouragement and depression.

As we praise Jesus Christ, …”The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.” Psalm 29:11