Wayne Brewer


I’ll Pray Anyway


I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.”

We all have “heroes” in Scripture. I have a number of them. Some are nameless characters in Jesus’ parables. Others are memorable, highly acclaimed leaders and prophets. When it comes to the thoughts of prayer, the man Daniel comes to mind. As children, many of us remember the account from Daniel 6 of “Daniel and the Lion’s Den.” This man (whose name means, “my God is judge”) was cruelly thrown to lions because he was a praying man who put his relationship with God first.

This “I’ll pray anyway” approach to life and relationship with God is vividly seen again in Daniel 10, where, after three weeks of fasting and prayer, Daniel experiences a heavenly visitor.  Notice how the words of the visitor are literally responses to the unspoken questions that not only arose in Daniel’s mind, but in the mind of the typical prayer warrior as well. We wonder “God, where do I stand with you?” Heaven says you are “greatly beloved” (Daniel 10:11, 19).

We say, “God, I’m fearful.” Heaven says, “Fear not” (Daniel 10:12). We ask, “God, are you hearing my prayers? “Heaven says “From the first day you set your heart to seek me, I heard you” (Daniel 10:12). We ask, “God, are my prayers doing any good?” (Heaven says, “I’ve come because of your words/prayers” (Daniel 10:12). We wonder, “Why are my prayers not yet answered?” Heaven reveals that there is spiritual warfare and opposition in the heavenlies (10:13, 20, 21). As leaders, we must “pray anyway”. Whether or not we comprehend our circumstances or choose to trust our feelings . . . we must pray anyway. Daniel understood that we must never fail to remember . . . our God is always listening.


O. Wayne Brewer – Oklahoma